Mar 15, 2009

Book marketing for real programmers :

"... If you are unfamiliar with them, you probably want to read Herlihy and Shavit's book "The Art of Multiprocessor programming" ..."

The book seems to be JCiP on steroids (would you expect less from something Doug Lea himself refers to? :) ) with 100+ pages on theory (pretty standard topics with nice illustrations, Java-friendly examples and quite detailed explanations) and 500 pages of everything you always wanted to ask Doug about (personally, I would not expect to understand most of the answers anyway, at least before reading this book).

It took me five cover-to-cover readings of JCiP (guess who is the slow one in my family? :) ) to get sufficiently comfortable with the subject. And I still occasionally re-read parts of it. AoMP addresses much harder questions although is probably less practical unless you are writing your own j.u.c or want to understand how the real one works.

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